Hi! I’m Jillian, a twenty-something year old with a serious love for the golden state. Grown in NorCal, planted in SoCal and a hippie at heart.

I have a passion for do-it-yourself projects, local adventures and a growing obsession for craft cocktails.

Follow along to take a look into the beautiful life I was blessed with as a California native.

Lavender Pink Lemonade Mimosa

Happy February! While I generally despise the winter months, celebrating this month of love brings me so much joy. Valentine’s always has, and always will be, meant for spreading love, no matter what that love may look like. Significant others, friends, and family alike deserve love, and Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion to share … Continue reading Lavender Pink Lemonade Mimosa

Birthday Cake Drop

January is my birthday month so I figured why not create a little celebratory cocktail for myself? Moreover, why not share it so everyone can enjoy a little celebratory cocktail on their birthday? It’s only right! Truly what’s more “birthday” than cake and champagne? This cocktail is the epitome of festive and downright delicious. Vanilla … Continue reading Birthday Cake Drop

Pear Ginger Sparkler

When I think of New Year’s Eve I imagine a glamorous soiree with champagne towers, glittering decor, and lavishly dressed guests toasting to the new year. In my hand I envision a sparkling cocktail that feels as fancy as the party itself. This Pear Ginger Sparkler is exactly what I see myself sipping at this … Continue reading Pear Ginger Sparkler

Cocktails coming up!